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Nature in the City

Nature in the City



Rare NatureCity
Sound Effects Library


While cities are probably the noisiest places on earth, few delicate sounds forge their character across the sonic chaos of our modern life. Natural sounds are visceral of humans;
In urban jungle, the animls, or natural elements alleviate uniqueness and create whimsical cohesion for the contemporary soundscape.


This new sound collection depicts a wide spectrum of natural sounds existing in cities. With many isolated animals, ambiences, and weather, water elements. Inside you’ll find high quality content from Articulated, well edited and instantly useable sounds.


We recorded these sounds through many travels across the world from 4 continents: Europe, North America, Asia, South America, and Africa.

Rich Soundminer/bwf metadata are embedded, well classified, and thoroughly edited. –>See our Quality charter

The sounds are classified into 3 main folders: Ambiences (multiple sources soundscapes), Animals (isolated sounds), and Weather/Water (environment)..

Choose how you want your sounds!

GLUED (Multiple variations of the same sound glued in one file)

SEPARATED (Each variations of sound are separated in different files)

multiple pictures
  • Bitdepth: 24 Bits
    Samplerate: 96 KhzAll files are in lossless high definition: wave files in a resolution of 24 bits and 96000 KHz.
  • Detailed metadata embedded:
    Soundminer / iXML / XMP / id3Well-grounded metadata are included with every files easy to import in any sound asset management app (see the file list)
  • Descriptive file namesWe take great care in categorizing and giving expressive names on each of our files which makes them easy to select even without metadata.
  • 308 Minutes / +210 FilesEach sound is well isolated so it is easier to integrate in any project
  • Loop seamlesslyMost of the ambience files are seamlessly loopable, and thus allow you to make it lasts as long as you wish.
  • Instant download worldwide (S3)We store our files on Amazon S3, and thus make it easy and fast to download. After your purchase, you’ll get a strong and fast download link(s) to your product(s).
  • Royalty-Free LicenceYou get a lifetime non-exclusive royalty-free grant for the use of these samples inside your projects (see the licence for details)
  • Gear used:Sennheiser MKH8090, DPA 4060, Lom MikroUsi, Sound Devices Mixpre6, Sony PCM D100

What’s inside:

  • Isolated Urban Animal Sounds:
  • Pigeons,
  • Back Alley Cats,
  • Dogs,
  • Crickets and similar insects,
  • Seagulls,
  • Crows,
  • Rodents,
  • Frogs,
  • Rain,
  • Urban River,
  • Thunder,
  • Urban Beach,
  • Winds,
  • Various Birds,
  • Rats,
  • Rooster,
  • Cow,
  • Squirrels,
  • flying insects …
  • + 60 useful Ambiences
  • + 10 Weather/Water Environment

Buying Options:
Nature in the City
Nature in the City
9+ Go
Total Size Unpacked
24 Bits
96 KHZ
129 files / 5h08 / 9.12 GoMultiple variations of the same sound glued in one file
210 files / 5h07 / 9.09 GoEach variations of sound are separated in different files
— a 750$ value —

I’m finding that I’m using Rustle Tones on every single project at the moment and just wanted to say thanks for such a great library. It’s so useful!!
Fred PearsonSound designerBAFTA Winner 2018, BAFTA Nominated 2018 - Best British Short
1 year, 1 month ago Comments Off on Nature in the City
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