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lovely sounds of quiet spaces- it is always great to have options like these for layering cityscapes. As a sound designer, and developer, I love to support the community which allows such great options for all of us in the field- thanks for making neat sounds!


Charles MaynesSound Designer, developer2 Academy Award Sound Editing Awards, 2 Emmy Awards and 4 Golden Reel Awards

While I love the exotic SFX library as much as the next guy, what really gets me excited is a well recorded “meat and potatoes” library, since my main clients are animation, where I have to create everything from scratch. Dice is just such a library, when you find all the heavy hitters like Sound Ideas, and Hollywood Edge’s offering coming up short. Offering plenty of variety to fit any scene, I sure wish I had this a couple seasons ago. Also if you think outside of the box, there’s a lot of these sound you could use in building up some great “punching your teeth out, and spit them on the floor” type of scenes, etc. This is sure to get a lot of use in future projects.


JC Richardson C.A.S.Rerecording Mixer/Sound DesignerArcher, Sealab 2021, Chozen, Frisky Dingo

Interview with the Audio Spotlight

In this interview, The Audio Spotlight asked Stephane Fufa about the sound of Yeti Monster, and Fun Monsters.
Read it here
Undiscovered Savannah and Jungle
  Q&A article onASoundEffect September 2017.
"How Stéphane Dufour captured the sounds of wild, mysterious jungles and savannahs (includes 50 free bird SFX!)
Thin Ice & Ghosts featured on Designing Sound : (Thin Ice:) "The results are incredibly useful sounds of ice that you can almost feel splinter underneath your hands or feet. Plus, these sounds work great for adding tension, fractures, icy debris and brittle textures to your design" .... (Ghosts:)" With sounds of whispers, creaking doors, drills, whistles, creepy giggles, and many other elements that you just can’t put your finger on, this collection sounds like discovering the crack between reality and the supernatural."
Ghosts Featured in the Audio Spotlight SFX Roundup November & December 2016.
Tropical Ambiences Featured on ASoundEffect :" Tropical Ambiences from Articulated Sounds captures a Central American haven saturated in complex bird calls, fricative invertebrates, and giant leaves protecting those below from the stormy rain and wind. Even with all the vaccinations needed to enter a rainforest, it is hard to not envy Stéphane Fufa Dufour for capturing all these rare animals. Each track seamlessly loops and may just lull you to sleep."
100 Fountains Featured in the Audio Spotlight SFX Roundup August 2016
Reviewed on 344 audio :
 "'Yeti Monster' is a great example of their implicit attention to detail. An innovative theme with outstanding execution, and more uses than you might think.."...
Featured on ASoundEffect :
 "'Quiet Streets' by Articulated Sounds has the lush, varied sounds of the Montréal cityscape in both stereo and surround. It captures all the chattering, rumbling and movement of a quiet day in la métropole for room tone-like ambiences that are ready for your soundscape."...
Ice Skating Featured on AsoundEffect : "We may finally be out of winter, but Articulated Sounds wants to keep us chilled. 'Ice Skating' features cold weather activities such as figure skating, free skating, hockey and more. These sounds are masterfully crafted for all the scrapes, scratches, pushes, drags, and glides you could need. Plus, with winter ambiences, stick slaps, footsteps, cloth sounds and puck hits, too, this library is ready to be implemented into your film or interactive project."
Featured in : Pro Tools Expert Sunday Sound Effects Roundup "100 fountains intrigued me as I couldn't imagine that there could be enough variety in fountains, but listening through to the samples it became apparent, that this amount of variety was possible to that was the last one I added to my basket for now. "