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Our Mission

Our Mission

Inspire & serve audio facilities & freelance professionals in the field of multimedia & audiovisual via the production & distribution of unique, useful & innovative sound effects & ambiences worldwide.

The Story

The Story

Articulated was born in 2016 by cutting edge sound designers.

The idea came from the observance of real needs in focused and purposeful sound effects online that can serve sound artists in their everyday work.
We believe that great sound design is the result of long intricate processes that derives from intimate and authentic relation with the sonic material.

Every sound has a story to tell awaiting to be listened for;
The selection funnel, and preparation towards ready & useful sounds is our work.
That is why we put a lot of personal involvement in the production of sound libraries, from research, capture to editing, and tagging of each individual sound with the right wording.

We deeply define our ambitions from the relation and feedback we have with our users, because this story is also their.

Who we work with

Who we work with (our clients)

Clients Location Our clients are located on more than 60 countries including large corporate studios & countless independent freelancers.

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Our Offer

The Articulated Offer

Blabla In this way, the sound artist will get high valuable assets while naturally be at ease over the use of the sound right from the time of its download.

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Lion growl, roar, snarl, and lion cub meow
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