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We craft unique sound effects & ambiences libraries

We go to great lengths all over the world
pursuing the collection of unique sounds
carefully edited and thoroughly conditioned.



• Articulated Sounds is run by Stéphane Fufa Dufour.
“Audio designer, sound explorer, media artist and entrepreneur at the crossroad of sound, music, field recording, engineering and interactivity with more than 10 years of experience.
His focus is on the creative arts, nature, science-fiction and organic living things.
Stéphane worked on AAA projects, indie movie and video games as well as in the music industry.
Throughout his career, he got involved in projects for Adidas, NRJ, National Bank, Warner, Fremantle Media and The Price Is Right.”



• Collaborator: Vincent Fliniaux.
“Vincent Fliniaux is a freelance sound artist based in Montreal.
He listen to the world in a musical and ecological way but he also loves to transform this material in some out of the world new sounds.
His personal projects vary between electroacoustic, field recording and noise music.”