HRTF stands for “Head-Related Transfer Function“.

HRTF is characterized by a mathematical transfer function of the changes made to sound waves through the body of a listener, mainly the head, the flag of ear and the ear canal, which allow the human being to identify the origin of a sound in both azimuth (horizontal) in the site (vertically).

Human beings find clues to locate the sound source in the transformation of his one ear (HTRF for the right ear and HTRF for the left ear) and the difference between the two ears.

The HRTF is the Fourier transform of HRIR.

hrir hrtf
Binaural recordings aims to reproduce the perception  of sound through HRTF, which allows for a more ‘real-life’ experience of sound reproduction.

New headphone manufacturer OSSIC X uses a personalized HRTF data based on anatomy calibration in order to deliver a better immersion in 3d Audio.

The first goal of the HRTF or its adjustments is to allow a sense of “increased relief”, just the way 3d glasses or VR headsets allow us to “enter” synthetic images “3D”, and without having to use binding multi-speaker system.

His most effective application, and one where there is currently little alternative, is listening to headphones or to simulate space through surround sound system. Interactive multimedia devices can detect head movements and control the appearance of relative sound positions.

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