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What currency are the prices shown in?

All articulated Sounds products are shown in dollars US.

What format are the sounds?

All the sounds ship as wave files (.wav) with a resolution of minimum 24bits/48KHz up to 24Bits/192KHz (except for some free sound packs). The exact resolution is written in the specs of each library.

As for the channels: depending on the product and its options, we deliver mono/stereo/quad(4.0)/surround(5.1)/ambisonics. The details are visible on each product page.

What about metadata?

All our files are embedding metadata of these types: Soundminer / BWAV.

All our libraries are now UCS-Compliant too (learn more about UCS here)
We aim to fill in as much information as possible and with accuracy within the files. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel metadata is not rightly entered. We always strive to improve our libraries.

The software we use is Soundminer.

Additionally, we add to each of our libraries a file list (in pdf & excel format) so you can import it into your preferred audio management app.

Do you have a special deal or discounts for me?

  • From time to time, we run special sale events. For example during Black Friday, and early summer, but these are rare.
  • Each new library launch has its own introductory sale (15% to 35%) that runs from 2 to 7 days.
  • We also have special discounts for students, teachers, and non-profit: Check out our EDU program.
  • Our Premium Members get a lifetime 30% discount on all our products.
  • Also if you buy Artbits that are parts of bigger libraries, you are entitled to a crossgrade discount.
  • Our Complete Master Bundle(all our products ever released) has a permanent 30% discount.
  • You can follow our Facebook page or register for our newsletter to get the latest news and deals!

What is the difference between Artbits libraries and the normal Articulated libraries?

Artbits libraries series is a series of smaller libraries, some people would call them ‘mini-library’. They usually have fewer files and they are more focused on one very specific theme. Less planning would be involved in their making, but they are still very worthy sounds as they answer specific needs in specific situations, this is why we call them ‘bits’. ‘art’ is shorter for ‘Articualted’, hence ‘Art’+’Bits’. Our ‘classic’ Articulated libraries are usually more developed and involve more research, they usually are bigger in size, or behold a more generic theme.
Since Artbits libraries is a more recent concept, we still have some old libraries that seem ‘small-ish’, but not stamped as ‘Artbits’. Hopefully, this clears out any confusion regarding ‘Artbits’.

What will happen after checkout?

  • Once the payment is approved, you are (re)directed to the ‘order received‘ page where you will find the order details along with the download links.
  • In the meantime, when an order is accepted, you automatically receive an email ‘order completed’ containing your download links, and the invoice attached as a pdf file.
  • Download your files, enjoy your files, and if you like them, drop us some words via our review/testimonial input form.

I haven't received any email after the purchase, why?

(If your order is completed, you should have received an email)

if you have not received an email :

  • Maybe The email has landed in your spam: Take a look inside your spam folder.
  • Maybe the order is still on hold while the payment is being processed: wait a few minutes.
  • Maybe the payment has been rejected. In this case, you should have received a Paypal notice that your payment has been rejected: verify if all your payment information is correct and try the order again.
  • For some reason your email box does not work correctly: in this case, use another email If you have created an account, you can change it on your account details page. Then you should contact us to send the order email again.
  • In any case, you can contact us and we will find a solution as soon as possible.

How do you secure the connection?

Throughout all our websites, the connection is secured through our official Geo-Trust Business SSL certificate. As for the payment process, it is handled through Paypal or Stripe.

How do you ensure the performance of the download?

The performance of our server is managed via CDN technology (Content Delivery Network).

The Cloudflare CDN caches our static content and makes it available over a network of more than 62 data centers around the world. You will get the data from the closest server and thus making faster performance in every part of the world.

How do I extract the files I downloaded?

All the files provided by Articulated Sounds are packed within .zip files.

To extract the files from the archive, you need to unzip them.

For this purpose, it exists a lot of software. We recommend the use of 7zip (on Windows) and Stuffit (on Mac).

How can I give a review about your products?

We would be thrilled if you would want to give us a review or a testimonial about our products! Through your experience, you will help others! For this, simply fill this form:

I have another question...

If you don’t find the help you need in the FAQ: No problem, you can contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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