Bundle Magic Elements vol.1 + vol.2
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Bundle Magic Elements vol.1 + vol.2

[ 19.45 Gb | 2,208 sounds ] Complete sound effects arsenal, versatile & useful for all your project. One of the best magic bundle


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Sound Effects Library

Discover the new and complementary opus of Magic Elements sound library!

‘Magic Elements’ is a detailed collection of designed & source sounds of organic elements, actions, characters, items, spells & atmospheres in the realm of Magic.
Volume 2 is complementary to Volume 1 and comes with almost twice the sounds!

The library is meant to be modular: while being ready-to-use, it delivers useful materials and building blocks that will allow you to create your own sounds.

• Designed: (772 sounds)

Volume 2 of this magic saga is comprehensively focused on these 6 elements:
Energy, Liquid, Foliage, White, Cartoon/Anime, and Generic.

Each element comes with a variety of spells, actions/movements such as whoosh, impacts, atmospheres, projectiles, along with many variations in intensity and speed.

All these sounds are carefully designed, edited and meta-tagged.

The ‘generic’ category contains handy neutral go-to sounds that are useful for any project.

The ‘cartoon’ will also work well with anime, & manga.

• Source: (666 sounds)

The source folder is packed with`many useful files that cover a large spectrum; thoroughly edited and meta-tagged. They will support your creativity with materials such as electricity, liquids, foliage, explosion, whoosh, drones, textures, impacts, chimes, … (file list here)

Choose how you want your sounds!

GLUED (Multiple variations of the same sound glued in one file)

SEPARATED (Each variations of sound are separated in different files)

  • Bitdepth: 24 Bits
    Samplerate: 96 KhzAll files are in lossless high definition: wave files in a resolution of 24 bits and 96000 KHz.
  • Detailed metadata embedded:
    SoundminerWell-grounded metadata are included with every files easy to import in any sound asset management app (see the file list)
  • Descriptive file namesWe take great care in categorizing and giving expressive names on each of our files which makes them easy to select even without metadata.
  • 1438 SoundsEach sound is well isolated. The ‘Separated’ folder presents one file per sound, while the ‘glued’ folder has each variations in the same file.
  • Instant download worldwide (S3)We store our files on Amazon S3, and thus make it easy and fast to download. After your purchase, you’ll get a strong and fast download link(s) to your product(s).
  • Royalty-Free LicenceYou get a lifetime non-exclusive royalty-free grant for the use of these samples inside your projects (see the licence for details)
  • Gear used:Sanken Co-100k, Sennheiser MKH8090, DPA 4060 x2, Aquarian H2a, Sound Devices 788T, Sound Devices MixPre-6, Sony PCM-D100, Reaper (by Cockos), Bidule (by Plogue), Reaktor (by NI), Whoosh (by Tonsturm), GRM SpaceGrain (by Ina GRM)
  • Lifetime free updates and extensionsYou get unlimited free access to future updates and extensions on this product (see our product versions chart)

Unique & Useful
This library is made to empower the sound designer’s sonic palette with high quality material but also with unique ‘never heard before’ sound effects.
A godsend for every sound artist, wether you are looking to start off with a magical toolkit, or you want to enrich your collection with new unique sounds!

What’s inside:

  • Impacts, Whoosh, explosion, fireworks
  • Chemical Acid, Bubble, Splash
  • Aura, Glyph, Shimmer, Fairy Dust
  • Electric Spark, zap, Discharge
  • Foliage motion, hit, rustle
  • Growing vines, Ent Footstep
  • Choir, Harp, Chimes, Bells
  • Laboratory, Potion
  • Buff, Spell, Hypnotize, Projectile

Buying Options:
Magic Elements vol.2
Magic Elements vol.2
12.47 Go
Total Size Unpacked After checkout, you download only what you need! The glued folder or the separated folder, or both
24 Bits
96 KHZ
357 files / 3:20:40 / 6.6 GoMultiple variations of the same sound glued in one file
1438 files / 2:58:18 / 5.87 GoEach variations of sound are separated in different files
Magic Elements vol.1 + vol.2
19.45‬ Go
Total Size Unpacked After checkout, you download only what you need! The glued folder or the separated folder, or both
24 Bits
96 KHZ
Magic Elements vol.1 (Glued + Separated)
983 files / 770 Sounds
Magic Elements vol.2 (Glued + Separated)
1,795 files / 1438 Sounds

With Magic Vol. 2, you guys truly live up to your name “Articulated Sounds.” This is a wonderful library full of detailed recordings and well thought-out sound designs.
It’s clear that the sounds were created by sound artists for sound artists. With Magic Vol.2, Stephane and Vincent have done their due diligence and have anticipated many of the types of scenarios and design moves that you will certainly encounter while building supernatural-type scenes.
My secret weapon in regards to this library, as well as Magic Vol. 1, is the fact that the source recordings of fire, earth, foliage, ice, and air are so good they can be used well beyond just the intended “Magic” scenes and can sweeten and add character to many other types of scenes.
Great addition to any sound designers toolkit!
Angelo PalazzoSupervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, FX EditorStranger Things 3, Frozen II, Alita: Battle Angel, Star Trek: Discovery Emmy Nomination, Best Sound Editing, Star Trek: Discovery Multiple Golden Reel Nominations.

Magic Elements vol.1 : The library is great. It’s mastered in a way that allows for some pretty extreme processing. Thanks! I’ll check out some of the other ones.
Andrew DearingAudio FreelancerAmazon Studios, Double Helix Games, and Obsidian Entertainment


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