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Category : Sound Lexicon



Full-sphere immersion Ambisonics is the technique of sound transmission (capture and reproduction) in full sphere surround. In other words, it is meant to be a technique for reproducing a faithful three-dimensional sound image. It supports the horizontal plane (as in traditional surround techniques) but also the vertical planes (above and below). It was invented in the 70s […]

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Virtual Reality (VR)

Sensory Immersion “Virtual reality” (or immersive multimedia or computer simulated reality) typically refers to computer technology that simulates the physical presence. A user in an environment artificially generated by software, an environment with which the user can interact. Virtual reality artificially reproduces a sensory experience. It may include sight, touch, hearing and smell (visual, sound or haptic). […]

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HRTF stands for “Head-Related Transfer Function“. HRTF is characterized by a mathematical transfer function of the changes made to sound waves through the body of a listener, mainly the head, the flag of ear and the ear canal, which allow the human being to identify the origin of a sound in both azimuth (horizontal) in the […]

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Sound or Audio? ->difference debunked

Sound or Audio? ->difference debunked

This question is often heard and usually overseen. When arising, it is custom to put it aside with something like this: ” Sound and Audio have the same meaning ” (with an obvious tone) But wait, this can’t be it! The words are not same, they have divergent origins. I had to dug it up. Even if […]

the Sweet Spot

the Sweet Spot

‘Sweet spot’ is a broad term that has been used for a few decades since the invention of stereoscopic sound techniques. Of course, it is all about the ideal and perfect position regarding the use of audio technological equipment.   But what is it exactly ? Let’s get more details:   In the audio world, the […]


Although the basis of acoustics was formed in 6th century BC, when Greek philosopher Pythagoras experimented with strings of different lengths and determined the ratios in which the sound produced was more pleasant than the others. However, the modern study of acoustics started with Galileo Galilei when the correlation between pitch and frequency of sound […]

4 years, 5 months ago Comments Off on Acoustics
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