Morocco I

Morocco I

[ 60 Files | 5 Gb ] Diverse and Rich Ambiences of an Authentic Country: Morocco



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Morocco I

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Morocco, part of the Maghreb region of Africa, is a very unique place. With a long historical heritage, a cultural mix of Arabic, Berber, European, West Africa; a varied geographic landscape along characterized biomes.
  • Easy to Search & Find: Soundminer Metadatas, UCS Compliant & Descriptive FilenamesWell-grounded metadata are included with every files
  • Professionally Mastered by world-class artistsThoroughly edited to be instantaneously ready to use in your project
  • Recorded over a one-month field trip in 2018. You will find typical ambiences of cities, suburb, villages, desert, market, birds… Mostly recorded in stealth mode, for more authenticity in many ways. Get immerse into a country of many colors and spices.
Morocco I Cover Image

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