Ecuador Ambiences

Ecuador Ambiences

[ 19 Gb / 156 files ] Stereo & quad surround ambiences from urban & rural South America



Ambience Sound Library

These sounds were recorded during the month of March 2017 throughout a 3 weeks trip dedicated to the sonic capture.

Want to know more about this trip: Check out A Sound Explorer blog

Diverse Ecuadorian geographical tropes, Urban & rural

The library comprises all aspects of the mainland Ecuadorian life, with the 3 geographical tropes: the coast, the highlands (Sierra) and the jungle (Oriente), along with diverse urban settings (in the capital city Quito, and in diverse town size, coastal, Andean and Amazonian)

What’s inside:

  • total 100 Ecuadorian ambiences (56 are quad surround)
  • Urban, Rural, Nature, from coast, mountain, and forest
  • Amazon rainforest ambiences
  • Andean town ambiences
  • Fishermen village ambiences
  • Nature & frogs ambiences
  • Downtown capital city (Quito) ambiences
  • Airport ambiences

The itinerary on Polar Steps:
multiple pictures
  • Bitdepth: 24 Bits
    Samplerate: 96 KhzAll files are in lossless high definition: wave files in a resolution of 24 bits and 96000 KHz.
  • Detailed metadata embedded:
    Soundminer / iXML / XMP / id3Well-grounded metadata are included with every files easy to import in any sound asset management app (see the file list)
  • Descriptive file namesWe take great care in categorizing and giving expressive names on each of our files which makes them easy to select even without metadata.
  • +5h of ambiencesRecorded through a 3 week trip in Ecuador
  • Instant download worldwide (S3)We store our files on Amazon S3, and thus make it easy and fast to download. After your purchase, you’ll get a strong and fast download link(s) to your product(s).
  • Loop seamlesslyMost of the sound in this library are seamless loops. Just loop the sample and it will perfectly play from one iterance to the next, and thus allow you to make it lasts as long as you wish.
  • Royalty-Free LicenceYou get a lifetime non-exclusive royalty-free grant for the use of these samples inside your projects (see the licence for details)
  • Gear used:Sennheiser MKH8090, Sound Devices 788T, Rode NT5Recorded mostly in Stereo ORTF configuration, and with SSS technique
  • Lifetime free updates and extensionsYou get unlimited free access to future updates and extensions on this product (see our product versions chart)

Most of these recordings were using the SSS technique (Stealth Surround System) which means the recording process was hidden from the eyes even with 4 discrete channels.

This results in fully immersive, undisturbed and authentic soundscapes.

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Ecuador – Stereo
9.84 Go
Total Size Unpacked
24 Bits
96 KHZ
stereo 2.0 2.0 Stereo
100 files / 5:05:46 / 9.84 GoInterleaved Wav files | Channel Layout : LR
busy Streets – Quad
Ecuador – Quad
19.26 Go
Total Size Unpacked
24 Bits
96 KHZ
stereo 2.0 2.0 Stereo
100 files / 5:05:46 / 9.84 GoInterleaved Wav files | Channel Layout : LR
quad 4.0 4.0 Quad Surround
56 files / 2:26:17 / 9.42 GoInterleaved 4.0 quad surround Wav files | Channel Layout :
L R Ls Rs


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Complete: Quad + Stereo, Stereo Only

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