Articulated Sound Effects Libraries

Stephane CV/Resume

Stéphane Fufa Dufour

Recipient of the medal “coup de coeur” in sound design at Pixel Challenge 2015


  • Linear and interactive media production
  • Audio techniques (Recording / Editing / Mixing  / Mastering)
  • Familiar with most DAWs and most common VST plugins
  • Accomplished in integration using middleware (Wwise / Fmod)
  • Experienced with game engines (Unity / Flash / Unreal 3)
  • Good knowledge of related domains such as: game design, composition / orchestration, web development, tangible media,…


[ Bilingual (French / English) ]



  • Audio Software: Cubase , Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Sound Forge, WaveLab, Soundminer, BaseHead, Sibelius, Waves and Various VST plugins
  • Audio Implementation: Wwise, FMOD, Unity3D, Flash, Stencyl, Construct2
  • Audio Techniques: Microphone Placement, Dialogue Recording, Foley Recording, SFX Editing, Music Editing, Re-Recording Mixing, Batch Processing, Transfer, Encoding, Restoration
  • Programming: Javascript, Actionscript, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, XML
  • Multimedia: Flash, After Effects, Photoshop, Avid Media Composer
  • Management Tool: SVN, Hansoft, Redmine



Audio Designer Contractor (2016-2017)
WB Games, Montreal, Canada
• Responsible for Ambiences in AAA game project
• Developed Environmental System with Audio Programmers
• Created & Integrated Gameplay Assets

Technical Artist | Integrator (2014-2016)
Ludia Games, Montreal, Canada
• Produced and Integrated Assets in Game
• Worked closely with artists & programmers
• Developed tools and methods for integration & Optimization
• Generated Sound Design Documents
• Methodically debugged live applications and project in development

Freelancer | Sound Designer | Media Artist (2006-Today)
• Conceived original assets such as sound effects / visual media / videos
• Composed and produced original music track for films, commercials and video games
• Implemented sound and music in projects using game engines and middlewares
• Programmed rich interactive media experiences using tools such as Flash / Unity / Html
• Followed-up clients’ needs and delivered customized services

Teacher Assistant (2013)
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
• Research project: correlation of player’s behaviour with sound/color generation
• Assisted workshop in game design class / technical support

Instructor | Assistant (2012)
ISTDS, Montreal, Canada
• Designed a teaching program on the basics of programming and orchestration
• Support for lecturers and students

Sound Engineer | Studios Owner (2004-2010)
Studio S-Recording & Studio Stuff Lab, Montpellier, France
• Built & organized a studio facility with 2 recording booths and 1 control room
• Established high-quality standards and acquired regular loyal clients
• Handled over 200 projects with over 500 artists and actors
• Implicated with every aspects of audio production
• Operated editing, mixing and mastering
• Created soundtracks and sound effects for various media
• Performed on-site recording using a mobile station
• Counselled artists and businesses on acoustic matters and technical considerations



BFA Specialization Computation Arts 2010-2014
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
• Oriented-Object Programming / Creative Computation / Sound Design / Game Design


Specialist Certificate in Orchestration & Music Production for Films and Games
Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA 2011-2013


Certificate in Multimedia Design / Production 2009-2010
ACFA Multimedia, Montpellier, France

Baccalauréat Informatique & Gestion (Computer Science) 2000-2003
Lycée Jean Mermoz, Montpellier, France (with honors)



Dynamic and Modular Music Composition for Video Games (Wwise) 2013
RFAVQ, Montreal, Canada
with Simon Ashby (Audiokinetic) et Mathieu Lavoie (Vibe Avenue)

Sound Design & Sound Scripting Training 2009
INA-GRM, Paris, France

Professional Course of Musical Intensive Training (AFDAS) 2002-2004
JAM, Montpellier, France
• Studio / Computer Assisted Music

Personal Music Training 1989-2002
Marc Bouniol, St-Mathieu-de-Tréviers, France
• Harmony / Composition / Guitar / Improvisation



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