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This new library comprises extensive sounds of wild animals recorded in many countries over several years.

Library Features:

  • +1200 Sounds of wild animals (inside +400 sandwich/glued files) / +10 Gb
  • recorded in countless National Parks, reserves, and sanctuaries throughout all continents.
  • Extensive sounds of adult lions in the wild & in sanctuaries. Included very close-up sounds of “in your face” growls and roars recorded up to 384 KHz, delivered in 192KHz. 
  • 150 sounds of lion’s cub with very interesting curious tonalities, guttural, playful, and throaty sounds of baby and teenage lions.
  • 250 sounds of elephants from Africa and Asia. Difficult to capture sounds of the pachyderm in the wild and in reserve. Comprises a wide variety of vocalizations, roars, rumbles, trumpets, and some unusual sounds.
  • 150 Extensive and focused sounds of the dangerous hippopotamus, the most deadly animal on earth (for humans).
  • Many bird sounds, cleaned and focused, including birds of prey, owls, exotic bird calls, and screeching sounds of flamingos, macaws, and geese. A big amount of very distinctive and peculiar sounds of African Penguins.
  • A wide variety of expressive monkeys: baboons, chimps, capuchins, gibbons, lemurs, ….
  • An interesting collection of exclusive ‘human monsters’ vocalizations is included, with screams, roars, and wild human sounds! 
  • Other animals included: seals, small rodents, bats, donkeys, leopards, horses, lynx, hyenas, snakes, zebras, wolves, cheetahs, wildebeest, lemurs, farm animals, domestic cats, baby tiger, bear, camel, puma, buffalo, …. 
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Lion growl, roar, snarl, and lion cub meow
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