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New Ice Sound Effects Library : Thin Ice

Thin Ice SfxThin Ice is an assortment of special ice sounds.
Included, are cracking thin crust on lakes, debris of small ice chunks, squeak of crackles and fissures, impacts and icy crushes…
They are delivered unprocessed and ready to be incorporated or used for sound designing.
You can layered them, pitch them, deform them in any way.


Quiet Streets – Sound Library

A slight breeze, the city rumble, distant people chatters, a bird passing by, crickets chirping, a little rain or snow, the tranquility inside the city is a fragile and magical moment…

Dice Sfx Party

Dice_Visual_BoxedDice sfx Party is now available. It comprises 616 sound effects of dice of all kind in interaction with various materials, recorded meticulously and sorted through names and metadata.

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