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Full-sphere immersion Ambisonics is the technique of sound transmission (capture and reproduction) in full sphere surround. In other words, it is meant to be a technique for reproducing a faithful three-dimensional sound image. It supports the horizontal …

New Ice Sound Effects Library : Thin Ice

Thin Ice SfxThin Ice is an assortment of special ice sounds.
Included, are cracking thin crust on lakes, debris of small ice chunks, squeak of crackles and fissures, impacts and icy crushes…
They are delivered unprocessed and ready to be incorporated or used for sound designing.
You can layered them, pitch them, deform them in any way.



HRTF stands for “Head-Related Transfer Function“. HRTF is characterized by a mathematical transfer function of the changes made to sound waves through the body of a listener, mainly the head, the flag of ear and the …

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