Undiscovered Savannah & Jungle

Undiscovered Savannah & Jungle

[39 Gb / 126 files] Ambiences from the Rupununi in stereo, quad and 5.1



Ambience Sound Library

Looking for a typical ‘lost world’ outdoor adventure ambience?

The Rupununi region has it all: Pristine landscapes, rich biodiversity, and local myths!

Uncharted Territories

Virtually untouched by modern human activity, its nature combines a mixture of savannahs, shrubs, wetlands and forests located in South America. The amerindians inhabit the area for millennia and are in total osmose with their surroundings.

Local myths and legends

In fact the region is soaked with legends and myths, like the famed yet not found El Dorado city claimed by many explorers like sir Walter Raleigh expeditions in 1592.

Rich Wildlife & Biodiversity

Rupununi bolsters evolving serenades of sounds throughout days and nights due to its incredibly lush eco-systems including thousands of bird species, insects, reptiles and mamals.

No surprise with this sound library, you will unravel the quest for old gems of mysteries and wild adventures, at the hand of untamed nature.

The library is available in stereo, and surround (Quad & 5.1).

What’s inside:

  • More than 3 and half hours of immersive pristine wild atmospheres.
  • 42 exclusive ambience from diverse locations as dry savannah, water savannah, forest recorded at diverse time of the day.
  • 10 designed atmosphere wild and mysterious
  • 4 roomtones of traditionnal amerindian hut (benab)
  • Well grounded metadata with identified bird species (file list)
  • originally recorded in 4 discreet channels: quad surround at 192KHz / 24Bits in the Rupununi region

Read about the making of this library on : AsoundEffect interview blog post

multiple pictures
  • Bitdepth: 24 Bits
    Samplerate: 96 KhzAll files are in lossless high definition: wave files in a resolution of 24 bits and 96000 KHz.
  • Multiple format Option: 5.1 / 4.0 / 2.0We cherish our ready-to-use approach. We subsequently offer multiple surround formats for your various needs
  • Detailed metadata embedded:
    Soundminer / iXML / XMP / id3Well-grounded metadata are included with every files easy to import in any sound asset management app (see the file list next to the buying options)
  • Descriptive file namesWe take great care in categorizing and giving expressive names on each of our files which makes them easy to select even without metadata.
  • 3h38 of unique ambiencesWe selected the best of our recordings which totalized around 40hours of recordings.
  • Instant download worldwide (S3)We store our files on Amazon S3, and thus make it easy and fast to download. After your purchase, you’ll get a strong and fast download link(s) to your product(s).
  • Loop seamlesslyJust loop the sample and it will perfectly play from one iterance to the next, and thus allow you to make it lasts as long as you wish.
  • Royalty-Free LicenceYou get a lifetime non-exclusive royalty-free grant for the use of these samples inside your projects (see the licence for details)
  • Recorded at various time of the day as well as different subsetThese recordings took place at the end of December 2016
  • Gear used:Sound Devices 788T, Sennheiser MKH 8090, Rode NT5, Sennheiser mkh418s, Telinga MK2 KitWe recorded with an IRT Cross as a Double ORTF with 4 discreet channels, originally recorded in 192KHz
  • Support Green NGOs’ Efforts5% of our revenue goes to 3 main environmental NGO: WWF, the Wildlife Conservation Network and the Ocean Conservancy
  • Lifetime free updates and extensionsYou get unlimited free access to future updates and extensions on this product (see our product versions chart)
Buying Options:
Undiscovered – Stereo
7 Go
Total Size Unpacked
24 Bits
96 KHZ
stereo 2.0 2.0 Stereo
42 files / 3:38:12 / 7 GoInterleaved Wav files | Channel Layout : LR
Undiscovered – Surround
Undiscovered – Surround
39 Go
Total Size Unpacked After checkout, you download only what you need! Since the library comes in separate zip files for each format, you can choose what to download and what to not download.
24 Bits
96 KHZ
stereo 2.0 2.0 Stereo
42 files / 3:38:12 / 7 GoInterleaved Wav files | Channel Layout : LR
quad 4.0 4.0 Quad Surround
42 files / 3:38:12 / 14 GoInterleaved 4.0 quad surround Wav files | Channel Layout :
L R Ls Rs
surround 5.1 5.1 Surround
42 files / 3:38:12 / 18 GoInterleaved 5.1 surround Wav files | Channel Layout :
L R C Lfe Ls Rs


Version :

Surround 5.1 / Quad 4.0 / Stereo 2.0, Stereo 2.0


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