Streets Bundle
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Streets Bundle

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Streets Bundle
Ambience Sound Libraries

This bundle contains:

Quiet Streets
Perfect Exterior City Roomtone:
These recordings were made at ground level with very few editing in order to keep them natural. They therefore are intended to be as close as a human would experience the city in a daily basis. At times, distinct activities can be heard from distance although the most noisiest events were taken out.
Each files are loopable. Also every season and weather condition are represented. This library has been thought for the universal need of sonic bed in urban scenes, used as glue or ‘exterior roomtone’.
This selection is the result of 15 months of recording throughout the multicultural city of Montreal (considered the most European City in North-America). Where the mix of culture in this city gives it a universal flavor that makes it belongs to the world of the 21st Century.

What’s inside:

60 Stereo ambience and 27 Surround ambience recordings between 1 to 5 minutes long each, Various settings, locations and time of the day, Different weather conditions: as sun, wind, rain, snow…
Busy Streets
‘Busy Streets’ is a key library that will set the scene of bustling cities. It comprises a wide variety of street sizes at different time of the day, with various wether conditions and different perspectives.
It has been recorded via a unique SSS process (Surround stealth) across the USA through the cities of:
Chicago, New York, Philadelphia.

What’s inside:

74 Surround authentic Surround & Stereo ambience recordings between 1 to 5 minutes long each,
non-disturbed city life using our SSS technique (Stealth Surround System), Crowd movements, pedestrians walking by and talking, traffic noises, train, metro, truck, bus, cars, Evolving swarm, above and under bridges, narrow pathway, underground street, large boulevards, restaurants terrace, commercial areas, financial disctricts, financial disctricts, wet streets.

  • Bitdepth: 24 Bits
    Samplerate: 96 KhzAll files are in lossless high definition: wave files in a resolution of 24 bits and 96000 KHz.
  • Multiple format Option: 4.0 / 2.0We cherish our ready-to-use approach. We subsequently offer multiple surround formats for your various needs
  • Detailed metadata embedded:
    Soundminer / iXML / XMP / id3Well-grounded metadata are included with every files easy to import in any sound asset management app (see the file list next to the buying options)
  • Descriptive file namesWe take great care in categorizing and giving expressive names on each of our files which makes them easy to select even without metadata.
  • More than 6h ambiencesWe selected the best of our recordings
  • Instant download worldwide (S3)We store our files on Amazon S3, and thus make it easy and fast to download. After your purchase, you’ll get a strong and fast download link(s) to your product(s).
  • Loop seamlesslyJust loop the sample and it will perfectly play from one iterance to the next, and thus allow you to make it lasts as long as you wish.
  • Royalty-Free LicenceYou get a lifetime non-exclusive royalty-free grant for the use of these samples inside your projects (see the licence for details)
  • Recorded at various time of the day as well as different subset
  • Gear used:Sound Devices 788T, Audient Mico, Sennheiser MKH 8090, Rode NT5
  • Lifetime free updates and extensionsYou get unlimited free access to future updates and extensions on this product (see our product versions chart)
Buying Options:
Streets Bundle – Stereo
12 Go
Total Size Unpacked
24 Bits
96 KHZ
stereo 2.0 2.0 Stereo
134 files / 6h09 / 12 GoInterleaved Wav files | Channel Layout : LR
CityBundle1 – Surround
Streets Bundle – Surround
30.2 Go
Total Size Unpacked After checkout, you download only what you need! Since the library comes in separate zip files for each format, you can choose what to download and what to not download.
24 Bits
96 KHZ
stereo 2.0 2.0 Stereo
134 files / 6h09 / 12 GoInterleaved Wav files | Channel Layout : LR
quad 4.0 4.0 Quad Surround
101 files / 4h43 / 18.2 GoInterleaved 4.0 quad surround Wav files | Channel Layout :
L R Ls Rs


Version :

Complete: Quad + Stereo, Stereo 2.0

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