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Free Tropical Mangrove Ambience Sound

Free Tropical Mangrove Ambience Sound


Tropical Mangrove Ambience: Free Nature Sound Loop

A Sound collected in the Costa-Rican Wild Nature

My first trip in Central America & as a Lone Traveler

This sound comes from my first travel as a solo traveler, I did in 2015 through Central America. It was 20 days trip through lush wilderness! This is an unforgettable experience, and it triggers my love for solo-travel around the world. Since then, I didn’t stop travel, and visited 30 countries. I can say I am emotionally attached to this soundscape I recorded, and it’s my pleasure to share it to you in high resolution.

The ‘Tropical Ambience’ Library

Through this sound adventure, I recorded hours of nature sounds, and released the acclaimed library ‘Tropical Ambiences‘ which contains more than 50 loopeable ambience for various subsystem of jungle and mangrove. This ambience is also included in the pack but is here available for free. Don’t hesitate to have an ear/eye to the original pack of Tropical Ambiences, as it encompasses my very first effort towards creating sound libraries, and represent for me the kick-off of all my field trip sound travels!

Sound Ambience Off The Beaten Path!

To be able to record this sound of true wilderness, I went hitchhiking on a small path in the Peninsula Osa (known for its pristine nature park and biodiversity. I did spot a place on the map that had water and that looked wild without road around but was not visited and unknown for most people, when I arrived to the place I walked, the sun was going down, and I found a fence hundreds of meters from the place! But I also found someone here, he was the owner of the area (I didn’t know it was a private area), a huge area indeed, that spread all across this valley! I asked and negotiate the entrance for me to record the sound! And he kindly opened the fence and brought me to the spotted place, we passed many fences, but we finally arrived to this magical place, where I could record as much as I wanted, I felt so lucky to be in the middle of nature, a nature that isn’t well accessible. At the same time I was a little worried of the possible caiman that are living around there, which the owner warn me about! But everything went well! I just had many glitches from the Rode NT5 I used for this recording, due to humidity level, but I was ale to clean them in post-prod.

Superb Ambience Sound Loop for Film or Video Game

This sound is pure and perfectly loopeable. It is available in high sample rate of 96 KHz and 24 Bits, and it meets the quality of our charter. You will find it ready to use right away from its download!
If you use this sound in your project, it would be kind (but not mandatory) to mention/credit “Articulated Sounds” for the sounds!

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