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Articulated Quality Charter

Articulated Quality Charter

  • The sounds delivered through our libraries are meticulously edited, adjusted, and shipped ‘ready-to-use’ for any projects.


  • All our sounds are embedded with well-grounded metadata from Soundminer.


  • Each sound file has an explicit file name, which accurately describe the sound and make it easily recognizable.


  • All of our sounds are exempt of any glitches, noise artifacts, clicks, crackles; which is not meant to be part of the original sound.


  • The start and end of every sound are thoroughly edited in order to cut out any extraneous silence, while keeping all the natural information from the original sound.


  • Ambience sounds are loopable, as much as it is possible (for example: a dawn chorus will not be loopable because of its evolving character).


  • Our sounds are spatially neutral, meaning they have as less as possible room reverberation.


  • Our sounds are normalized through some standards.


  • We don’t apply extra treatment that could alter the sound in any destructive form, such as extra dynamic compression, eq, distortion, …
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